Concrete Playground

Winner of Concrete Playground Award for Best New Space 2017

04.12.17   |    JASMINE CRITTENDEN

...With the help of designer and builder Alice Nivison and eco-consultant Richie Northcott from Sydney design studio Fresh Prince, the brothers have designed and built tiny houses throughout New South Wales - both sustainable and solar-powered.... [click here for full article]


Architecture and Design

Fresh Prince, tiny houses and the “new generation of home hunters”

13.11.17   |    KIRSTY SIER

...Although the tiny houses built by Fresh Prince are used in the same, temporary manner as hotel rooms, there's something less depressing about the thought of living in them. Within a cosy footprint of just 15 square metres, there is contained everything necessary to fit "all the essentials for up to three people"... [click here for full article]


Tiny houses in the wilderness

28.3.17   |    KATE BURKE

...a Sydney based start-up is unlocking remote, unused land for people wanting to escape the daily grind... While it's early days, Unyoked has already designed and built two sustainable off-grid tiny homes with the help of Fresh Prince ... [click here for full article]


Concrete Playground

Tiny House Design + Build for Unyoked


Get off the grid, disconnect and have your own tiny getaway - but this is not a hotel. There's getting away. And then there's disappearing, to your own private, tiny house in the wilderness - miles from any sign of human interference ... [click here for full article]

Habitus Living

A Taste of Factory Design District


Fresh Prince is a collaboration by Sydney based creative couple Richie and Alice, who are heavily inspired by the intertwining of timber and nature: “Authentic design, for us, is living the creative process with honesty and integrity, and combining context with an understanding of your craft to bring considered ideas to life in the world.” ... [click here for full article]

The Planthunter

Man Candy : Meet the Fresh Prince

6.5.16   |   Georgina Reid

Richie Northcott runs Fresh Prince, a Sydney based design and build company with a focus on plants. Yes! His passion for greenery was cultivated during a degree in agriculture and blossomed following a year in Africa helping set up herb and vegetable farms... [click here for full article]

 Photography by  Emily Hutchinson

Photography by Emily Hutchinson


Creatives at Home: Fresh Prince

24.3.2016  |  emily Hutchinson

Richie Northcott and Alice Nivison are the creative couple behind Fresh Prince which provides homewares, furniture, planter boxes and large custom fit-outs to the lucky individuals around the Sydney area... [click here for full article] 

 Photograph by  Alana Dimou

Photograph by Alana Dimou

The Bharani Effect

The B. Grown Effect

18.7.2015  |  The Bharani Effect

Richie is a young urban grower from the beachside suburbs of Sydney building self-watering planter boxes big and small for personal homes and businesses... [click here for full article]

 Photograph Fresh Prince

Photograph Fresh Prince

Sarah Wilson

Sustainable Gift Guide

11.12.14  |  Sarah Wilson

Bondi boy Richie, aka Fresh Prince, is the delightful dude who created our rooftop garden at IQS HQ... [click here for full article]

 Photograph by  Alana Dimou

Photograph by Alana Dimou


The Fresh Prince of Bondi

15.1.2014  |  Alecia wood

A fortnightly visit is all that’s required to sustain a Fresh Prince planter box. Built with a reservoir at its base, simply top up the water supply and leave your plants to drink at their leisure. “The idea came from a purely pragmatic approach – a combination of function and form,” says owner and creator Richard Northcott... [click here for full article]