Unyoked off-grid cabin


The brief was to create an off-grid cabin that was simple, sustainable and small. Rethinking the concept of a weekend away, Unyoked insisted to us “this is not a hotel”.

Perched on the edge of an idyllic clearing, overlooking a lush temperate rainforest, the little black cabin is surrounded by a sea of ferns, nestled in front of a towering eucalyptus forest.

Designed to have a minimum footprint both physically and environmentally, the cabin incorporates solar power, sustainable plywood lining, large reclaimed windows, a composting toilet, Australian Cypress cladding and an exposed copper shower. It’s humble fourteen square metres contains everything required to live a simple, uncluttered life.

Client Unyoked

Collaborators Asha Dolman + Cory Dolman

Photography Luisa Brimble